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Charity Children's Bedding from Kohls

The IndiaBirdRaces - Supported by HSBC

The race is all about birds in India, we know that. However, with so many people in desperate need of basic supplies in India we took the opportunity to help others and the local wildlife. This year we decided to help local children who are homeless and in need of help.

What we did is team up with American coupon company Giving Assistant. We had been approached by them to help promote the new concept in charitable giving. The new way that someone from around the world can help is so simple now. Now the dawn of the internet is everywhere and most of the world has some degree internet connection so many people do lots of chores online. That includes shopping of course. This is where the new concept comes in

You see we learnt that when a person goes to an online store through an affiliate link that points to us we can get a commission. However, what is special is that we are able to get cash commission plus we can get actual supplies. Let me explain.

We decided to use a famous online store called Kohls. They supply various things, but what we wanted was bedding. We wanted materials and items that could be used to give the thousands of children who sleep on the street something to sleep on and keep them warm. An example of a charitable organisation that helps street kids is salaambaalaktrust.com

What we asked visitors to our site and our email list is if they wanted to help the street children of India that all we needed them to do was buy some bedding like blankets, pillows and pyjamas for the kids by using a Kohls coupon code from givingassitant.org What would happen is they could buy the goods, have them shipped to us and we would donate it directly to the kids. That is great since the kids can get something that physically benefits them straight away. The next thing was Givva give 4% cash back on every purchase through that link above. That means we got actual funds deposited which we could also give away to help the children. This is the first time we had been able to make someones donation money go so far with what felt like a two for one special. Please take the time to go the coupons they offer and if one of the stores is where you like to shop just know it wont cost you anymore to help out a 501(c)(3) NPO or charity of your choice for no extra cost on your side.

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